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AOC-IFCN General Assembly Minutes: Seoul, Korea, April 17, 2009
AOC-IFCN General Assembly Minutes: Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2005
AOC-IFCN General Assembly Minutes: Manila, Philippines, 2000
AOC-IFCN General Assembly Minutes: Beijing, People’s Rep. of China, 1996

Report on Asian and Oceanian Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology AOCCN)

2009 Seoul, Korea
2005 Chiang Mai, Thailand
2000 Manila, Philippines
1996 Beijing, People’s Rep. of China

AOCCN 2009 Delegate Meeting Minutes Report

Date & Time: April 17 (Fri), 2009, 12:00~2:00 PM
Place: Studio (2F), Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul Korea
Attendees: 10 delegates

President : Rawiphan Witoonpanich (Thailand)
Secretary / Treasurer : Kwang-Woo Lee (Korea)
President of KSCN : Juhan Kim (Korea)
Dr. Mustare Veerendrakumar (India)
Prof. Bob Santoso Wibowo (Indonesia)
Prof. Hiroshi Shibasaki (Japan) – Liaison of AO Chapter
Prof. Ryusuke Kakigi (Japan)
Prof. Jae-Moon Kim (Korea)
Dr. Lo Yew Long (Singapore), Einar Wilder-Smith (Singapore)
Prof. Liying Cui (China)
Emmanuel G. Edurado (Philippines)
Chin-Chang Huang (Taiwan)
Khean-Jin Goh (Malaysia)


  1. Brief opening remarks by Kwang-Woo Lee, the Secretary/Treasurer of AO Chapter. Appreciation to the President of AO Chapter, Rawiphan Witoonpanich and the President of IFCN, Hiroshi Shibasaki.
  2. Introduction of agenda by Rawiphan Witoonpanich, the President of AO Chapter.
  3. Introduction of each delegate came from 10 countries.
  4. Presenting the minutes of ICCN 2006 AO Chapter Meeting in Edinburgh by the President of AO Chapter, Rawiphan Witoonpanich.
  5. Brief presentation of AOCCN 2009 overview by Kwang-Woo Lee.
  6. Bidding for AOCCN 2013 hosting
    • Candidates: China, India, and Indonesia
    • PR presentation by each three country.
    • China: presenter-Liying Cui. Introduction of mega size convention centers and different levels of hotels.
    • Question: the average price of 5 star hotels.
    • India: presenter- Mustare Veerendrakumar. Introduction of convention center, many 5 star hotels, and cultural and novel experiences in India.
    • Questions:  
      1. The average price of 5 star hotels.
      2. Accessibility: how can participants reach to the city? And how frequent the domestic airplanes to get to the city?