Chapter History
During the fiscal period 1985–1990 under the presidency of John Desmedt, clinical neurophysiology societies in South East Asia had organized regional symposia with intensive practical workshops in Bangkok (February 1987), Bali (September 1987), and Beijing (June 1989). Following these meetings John Desmedt suggested building up a South East Asia Liaison Committee (SEALC) for Clinical Neurophysiology. At that time this committee would consist of the Delegates to IFCN from China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, and possibly Australia.

Asian and Oceanian Chapter of the international federation of clinical neurophysiology was organized during the Fiscal Period 1993-1997 with other chapters. The ExCo appointed Xiao-Fu Tang as a first Liaison Officers for Asia. The Asian Symposium of Clinical Neurophysiology (ASCN ’96) was held in Beijing, September 23–25, 1996. The Asian Chapter chose Prof. Xiao-Fu Tang (China) as its Chairperson and Prof. Nubuo Yanagisawa as Secretary at its founding. In retrospect, this meeting was recognized as the First Asian Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology (AOCCN) and the first Chapter meeting.

The 2nd Asian–Oceanian Chapter meeting was held in Manila in January 2000 in conjunction with the AOCCN, and at the meeting, Prasert Boongird (Thailand) was elected as the Chapter Chairman. The Chapter established a process to consider future official Chapter and additional local meetings.

The 3rd AOCCN was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand on February 2–4, 2005. The chapter Assembly elected Rawiphan Witoonpanich (Thailand) as Chapter President. Kwang-Woo Lee (Korea) was chosen as the Chapter Secretary. Ryuji Kaji (Japan) continued to serve as the Liaison Officer between the chapter and the IFCN ExCo. The Singapore Society of Clinical Neurophysiology was formed and joined the IFCN as a member society. This brought the Chapter membership up to 11 societies including Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Thailand.

During the fiscal period 2006-2010, the Chapter’s activity concentrated on congresses and other local meetings. The major meeting was the 4th AOCCN held in Seoul, Korea and hosted by the Korean Society for Neurophysiology in April. The Chapter in 2013 elections chose Ryusuke Kakigi (Japan) to serve to succeed Kwang-Woo Lee (Korea) as the Chapter President for the 2013–2017 term.

Sources: “Wave Lenght and Action Potentials, IFCN History” Supplement to Clinical Neurophysiology

AOC President
Xiao-Fu Tang (People’s Rep. of China): 1996–2000
Prasert Boongird (Thailand): 2000-2005
Rawiphan Witoonpanich (Thailand): 2005-2009
Kwang-woo Lee (Korea): 2009-2013
Ryusuke Kakigi (Japan): 2013-2017

AOC Secretary/Treasurer
Nubuo Yanagisawa (Japan): 1996–2000
Nobuo Yanagisawa (Japan) : 2000-2005
Kwang-Woo Lee (Korea): 2005-2009
Manfaluthy Hakim (Indonesia): 2009-2013
Manfaluthy Hakim (Indonesia): 2013-2017

AOC Liaison Officer
Xiao-Fu Tang (People’s Rep. of China): 1996-1997
Hiroshi Shibasaki (Japan): 1997-2001
Ryuji Kaji (Japan): 2001-2006
Hiroshi Shibasaki (Japan): 2006-2014