Chapter Statutes
Statutes of the Asian and Oceanian Chapter of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology
(Version approved during 2006 General Assembly)

1. Purpose

The Asian and Oceanian Chapter of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (AOC-IFCN) is created and shall be governed by the Statutes.

2. Aims of the AOC-IFCN

The AOC-IFCN has the following goals:

l  To organize the Asian and Oceanian congress of clinical neurophysiology (AOCCN) and the educational courses in clinical neurophysiology.

l  To promote and support pre- and postgraduate educational programs in clinical neurophysiology in Asia and Oceania.

l  To foster and encourage scientific research in clinical neurophysiology in Asia and Oceania.

l  To establish, maintain and encourage efficient collaboration among countries in Asia and Oceania in order to promote education and good practice in clinical neurophysiology.

l  AOC-IFCN shall not engage in any activity contrary to the Statutes of the IFCN.

3. AOC-IFCN society members

Membership of the AOC-IFCN will be those national or regional societies for clinical Neurophysiology which are members of the IFCN and are situated in the Asian and Oceanian geographic region.

None of the national or regional societies for clinical neurophysiology which belongs to another regional chapter can be a member of AOC-IFCN.

Asian and Oceanian Societies for Clinical Neurophysiology intending to join the IFCN may be

granted the status of Candidate Society of the AOC-IFCN pending on the outcome of their application to the IFCN. They may attend the meetings of the General Assembly but will not

have the right to vote. If, for any reasons, one of the societies is excluded from IFCN, its membership to the AOC-IFCN will cease.

4. AOC-IFCN finances

4.1. AOC-IFCN will receive any surplus funds of the Asian and Oceanian congress and the educational course. It has the right to accept and administer gifts, legacies, movable and immovable properties, donations and assets of any kind.

4.2. The assets of the AOC-IFCN shall be used for its own operation and in a general way to provide for the attainment of its purposes. In particular,they shall be used for the material organization of the congress and the educational courses. Any excess shall be deposited in the treasury of the AOC-IFCN. No portion of the assets of the AOC-IFCN shall be paid directly or indirectly to any Member Society or officer of the AOC-IFCN except for reasonable payment for services actually rendered, or repayment of expenses incurred in the interest of the AOC-IFCN.

4.3. The AOC-IFCN may be dissolved by a twothirds majority vote of the General Assembly. In

the event of its dissolution the treasury of the AOC-IFCN shall be transferred to the IFCN.

5. Executive Committee of the AOC-IFCN (AOC-ExCo)

5.1. The AOC-ExCo consists of the Chairperson, the Secretary/Treasurer, and the Liaison officer

of the IFCN. These members are to be proposed and elected by the Member Societies except for

the Liaison officer who is appointed by the ExCo of the IFCN.

5.2. At each Asian and Oceanian congress, the AOC-ExCo except for the Liaison officer is elected by the General Assembly. Elections shall be held by the General Assembly at the Asian and Oceanian Congress at intervals of not more than 4 years.

5.3. Elected AOC-ExCo officers will normally serve a term of 4 years and will be eligible for reelection once. The maximum term of office for AOC-ExCo officers is thus 8 years. Within this maximal term of office the ExCo officers are reeligible at any of the positions in the AOC-ExCo. The officers should be from different countries. The Liaison officer can also be appointed only for a maximum term of 8 years. The Liaison officer of the IFCN must be from the Asian and Oceanian Societies of IFCN.

5.4. Most of the work and decisions of the AOC-ExCo shall be made by mail, fax and e-mail. The regular AOC-IFCN meetings will be held at every AOCCN Congress and if necessary during the World Congresses of the IFCN.

5.5. The Chairperson of the AOC-IFCN shall organize and chair the General Assembly and is the official representative of the AOC-IFCN. He/she coordinates the activities of the AOC-ExCo. He/she shall submit a Chairperson’s report to each General Assembly.

5.6. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for correspondence, keeping archives for the AOC-ExCo, notifying delegates of the General Assembly and for circulating the agenda at least 1 month before the AOC-IFCN Congress. The Secretary/Treasurer of the AOC-IFCN is responsible for the assets of the society. He/she shall keep proper accounts of the expenses and receipts and shall give a report and submit a budget for the next fiscal period at the General Assembly.

5.7. The Liaison officer shall represent the IFCN.

6. The Asian and Oceanian Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology and educational courses

6.1. The AOCCN is to be held by the AOC-IFCN every 4 years. National societies can apply to host the next congress at least 2 months before the preceding congress with an informal application (including the place of the congress and the convener) to the AOC-IFCN Chairperson. The General Assembly will decide on the place and date of the next congress. The General Assembly appoints the Convener of the next AOCCN.

6.2. The Organizing Committee of the AOCCN consists of the Convener, the Secretary/Treasurer of the Congress, additional members to be determined by the National Society organizing the AOCCN and the officers of the AOC-IFCN.

6.3. The International Scientific Committee consists of the delegates of the AOC-IFCN member societies and additional members approved by the Convener of the next AOCCN together with the AOC-ExCo.

6.4. The National Society being appointed is responsible for the financial success of the congress. The AOC-IFCN will help the hosting National Society with its assets.

7. The General Assembly

7.1. The General Assembly is composed of the ExCo officers and of the delegates of each member society.

7.2. The General Assembly proposes the place and date of the next congress. It appoints the Convener of the next Asian and Oceanian congress. It discusses and approves, if deemed fit the financial statement and accounts for the current fiscal period, submitted, duly audited, by the Treasurer of the AOC-IFCN. It votes on the budget of the following fiscal period proposed by the AOC-ExCo. It discusses and votes upon all resolutions and decisions taken to fulfill the purposes of the Federation and on all questions appearing on the agenda.

7.3. The General Assembly is bound to meet once every 4 years at the place and date fixed for the AOCCN. It is chaired by the Chairperson of the AOC-IFCN or his/her specified deputy. The General Assembly elects the AOC-ExCo in the following sequence: (1) Chairperson (2) Secretary/ Treasurer.

7.4. Each member society has one vote. Written identification of all the delegates or their substitutes must be submitted in advance to the secretary of the AOC-IFCN by each member society. All those registered at the congress may attend the General Assembly, but only Members of the Assembly may speak and vote.

7.5. The quorum of the General Assembly is one half of the delegates or their substitutes, together with the Chairperson and Secretary/Treasurer, or their specified deputies.

7.6. Each delegate and AOC-ExCo officer has one vote. Vote by proxy is not allowed.

7.7. On the seconded request of one delegate a secret ballot shall be organized on any point of the agenda.

7.8. If not otherwise stated here, the General Assembly will be conducted according to the Bye-Laws for the conduct of the General Assembly of the IFCN.