Research & Guidelines
AOC-IFCN emphasizes the importance of scientific research in the field of clinical neurophysiology. Using conventional or novel neurophysiological techniques for further understanding of human nervous system or developing new method or equipment to evaluate the neurophysiology are all concern of AOC-IFCN. AOC-IFCN supports the research conducted by any profession; clinical neurophysiologists, basic physiologists, technicians, engineers, physicists, informatics specialists, neuro-radiologists, and other scientists in Asian-Oceanian area who contribute to the advance in the clinical neurophysiology.

AOC-IFCN holds Asian-Oceanian Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology (AOCCN) every four years and researchers in the Asian-Oceanian area can present their research results and collaborate for new projects in clinical neurophysiology. Academic awards and grants are given by AOC-IFCN to encourage scientific investigation of the young investigators.