Chapter Projects
Currently AOC-IFCN doesn’t have ongoing collaborative research projects between Asian-Oceanian member societies. We desire to have the opportunities for this joint work. Any members of AOC-IFCN can propose a project or an idea for the multinational collaborative studies by sending e-mail to the AOC-IFCN secretary. Proposed research project will be notified in this section for 3 months and may facilitate the joint research between researchers who were interested in the project around the Asian-Oceanian area.

As an example of the type of information that could be posted: Dr FF working at the University Hospital of C is running a busy EMG laboratory. We have collected 10 cases of tarsal tunnel syndrome (TTS). We are investigating risk factors of TTS in a prospective study. Those who are interested in forming a group to investigate this problem, please contact Dr FF at the following email address.