Training Courses
AOC-IFCN currently is not running individual training courses in clinical neurophysiology sponsored by AOC-IFCN itself. However, each members of AOC-IFCN are involved in the education of clinical neurophysiology during the pre- and post-graduate medical schools, residency programs and technician professional training in their nation. Trainings of medical clinical neurophysiologists and technicians are focused both on conventional and novel neurophysiologic technique: i.e. regular electroencephalography [EEG] recording/ interpretation/reporting, routine nerve conduction study [NCS]/electromyography [EMG], evoked potentials [EPs] recording/ interpretation/reporting, microneurography, intraoperative monitoring, transcranial magnetic and/or direct current stimulation (TMS &/or tDCS) and related techniques, autonomic nervous system evaluation, dipole localization, high density EEG, magnetoencephalography (MEG), advanced EEG/EMG signal analysis etc .